take off with a good book. - VOTE :D photo by Casey David
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  • take off with a good book. - VOTE :D

    Vote for this image in Wacom's Before and After contest here! 211/365 i never have time to read anymore. the pages stick and it's only when i close my eyes that i can feel the wind from the pages fluttering and my eyelashes prickle. Thanks to my nephew for helping me out with this. I'm really, really happy with this and the edit especially...

    November 30, 2011
  • Hayden, Blount, Alabama, United States
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Cute boy.
By © Yagoda.
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The book burning.
By © alexstoddard
I can read you like a book
By © Lu Green
So many books, so little time
By © demandaj
By © Beth Reynolds
By © linkwize
old towns
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~205/365~ Back to School
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By © thedannie
Flying Without Wings
By © 人造人間,意慾蔓延
the boy who leapt through rain [leapt ver.] [re-post-processing]
By © Rifat Attamimi
the boy who leapt through rain [take off]
By © Rifat Attamimi