take off with a good book. - VOTE :D photo by Casey David

take off with a good book. - VOTE :D © Photo by Casey David

  • Taken in Hayden, Blount, Alabama, United States on November 30, 2011.
  • Vote for this image in Wacom's Before and After contest here! 211/365 i never have time to read anymore. the pages stick and it's only when i close my eyes that i can feel the wind from the pages fluttering and my eyelashes prickle. Thanks to my nephew for helping me out with this. I'm really, really happy with this and the edit especially...

  • take off with a good book, salmon, levitation, levitate, jacket, flying boy, flying, fly, fables, fable, books, blue, blazer, aesop's fables, aesop's

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