Collar bone...(180/365) photo by *amanda lynn
  • © Photo by *amanda lynn
  • Collar bone...(180/365)

    This is from the other day. I am only 3 days behind now! I have no school again tomorrow for election day. Ill try to catch up finally. SOOC *Tumblr*

    November 30, 2011
  • orange neck nails lovely throat light hand hair collar bone
By © Shapeshifter Photography
Dear Agony
By © some_stuff
By © meeganz
skeleton hand tattoo
By © ken power tattoos
Bones. Let them breath
By © procrastinating‚óŹnipples
One morning...(184/365)
By © *amanda lynn
Kawaii deco nails
By © aya1gou
juicy fruits nails
By © aya1gou
By © tugboat1952
Holding hands in front of the Sea
By © cctrilla
B&D Tools
By © Duffey Petrosky