to weep for rain photo by brookeshaden
  • © Photo by brookeshaden
  • to weep for rain

    Shooting atop the sand dunes had me thinking about tornadoes. I could see gusts of wind stirring up tornadoes of sand while driving down the road next to the dunes. They looked so small, but I imagine I was farther away than I thought. I imagine they were so big that they could have easily swallowed me whole...

    October 31, 2011
rain spots 17/365
By © dawn.v
Rain Lashed Aberystwyth Pier/Sand Dune Fence/Cocktail
By © Jim Blob Blann
By © Northwoods Photos
a storm in the gnome country
By © aga.silva
They will crack open the sky and come for you ! where will you go ?
By © pair of rusty eyes and a camera
"Country Afternoon"
By © Mr Twister Chaser
By © Mr Twister Chaser
The Desert Storm..
By © Prith_B
By © sj9966
Umbrella Corp
By © Daniel Kulinski
"Deep Breaths"
By © Mr Twister Chaser
The Storm Opening Up
By © Shane Michael Black