Untitled photo by Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)

Untitled © Photo by Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)

  • Taken on August 31, 2011.
  • Don't forget what you've learned: all you give is returned. . . My first week of classes this semester is almost over. I've been so tired 8 o clock classes will be the death of me. It's been a good week, though, I think I am going to like allmostof my classes. I took this in the mountains along with my last shot...

  • water, summer, shadow, self portrait, self, reflection, portrait, peaks, mountains, landscape, lake, girl, clouds, Marie, Lake Marie
Self Portrait
© hasensaft
Mädels #2
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day 035.
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the weakness in our hearts
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© Federica Raino'
IGP Project Photographer 4 - Challenge 1 (2a classificata)
© ☼scheerio☼
O My Heart
© Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)
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104/365 Unrecognizable [explore #201]
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Shooting the Stars
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Sunset Mary Lake