Untitled photo by Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)
  • © Photo by Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)
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    And I wandered far beneath the concrete stars. . . Except for some editing of curves, this is completely sooc. I'll be posting more from this shoot once I've got time to edit them, so this makes more sense, but that probably won't be for a while. I'm going to move stuff up to school and then go to a Bright Eyes concert (eeee!), so it'll be a couple days...

    August 31, 2011
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By © Noelle Buske
Flying Without Wings
By © 人造人間,意慾蔓延
High Fly
By © dirac3000
Lurvely Member
94/ 365
By © Tilly Floss
79.365 - My Kind of High
By © nikilynn
The Long Journey
By © trini61
[Explore] I believe I can fly
By © cheesy42
With your love I can fly... Jump #7 of #100
By © Olivia L'Estrange-Bell
He Can Fly!
By © fatboydon
the fly 2
By © alan guido
Broken Wing
By © tinyfishy (Gone to Asia)