Silver-studded Blue,plebeius argus photo by claylaner
  • © Photo by claylaner
  • Silver-studded Blue,plebeius argus

    OK so what do I do. Sat,being good ,recuperating watching the Choughs when along comes a silver studded blue butterfly.Well I mean the camera just happened to be handy. I am being good,I am taking my eyedrops.I am trying not to use my camera.What the hl,and I can't see what I am typing !

    July 31, 2011
  • studded siver plebeius my gear and me premium my gear and me macro insect canon60d butterfly blue argus
Common Blue Butterfly #3
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And Again - a Common Blue
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Heideblauwtje - Silver-studded blue
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Common Blue butterfly - Polyommatus icarus
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Silver Studded Blue (Plebejus argus)
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