Cemetery Gates photo by Greg Foster Photography
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  • Cemetery Gates

    Reverend, Reverend... Is this some conspiracy Crucified for no sins An image beneath me Lost within my plans for life It all seems so unreal I'm a man couldn't half feel this world Left in my misery The Reverend he turned to me Without a tear in his eyes It's nothing new for him to see I didn't ask him why I will remember The love our souls had Sworn to make Now I watch the falling rain All my mind can see Now is your face Well I guess you took my youth I gave it all away Like the birth of a new found joy This love would end in rage And when she died I couldn't cry The pride within my soul You left me incomplete All alone as the Memories now unfold...

    June 30, 2011
  • Battle Hill Haven, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United States
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