No NFL in LA photo by Neil Kremer
  • © Photo by Neil Kremer
  • No NFL in LA

    I was kicked out a "city owned" public park in downtown last night. "no profesional cameras allowed," what makes this a pro camera?" the tripod and the camera. it's very big." Running out of patience I went to this familiar spot with one thing in mind; color. I had these colors in my head so I knew what I wanted and how to process it before I snapped a single pic...

    June 30, 2011
  • Los Angeles, California, United States
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Time Traveller
By © AndWhyNot
Eyeing the Two Towers
By © sirman88
The Future City
By © [~Bryan~]
By © Oscar Tarneberg
TO 2011
By © Wherever I Roam
Speed of Light
By © Will Shieh
Traffic on the Gran Via (Explored)
By © Marc Perrella
The Capital City | Kuala Lumpur
By © mozakim
Bridge and Tunnel
By © Alexis Birkill Photography
Green Night Sky
By © Neil Kremer
Umeda, Osaka
By © Christopher Chan
Light Trails at Sunset
By © Chris Luckhardt