Palouse Curves photo by Chip Phillips
  • © Photo by Chip Phillips
  • Palouse Curves

    It's been a busy month for me down in the Palouse with many workshops and lots to shoot. I had the pleasure of taking a day couple of evenings off and shooting with Dene' Miles, Little M (Maryanne), Vinny, and Emilie. It was a great time and I look forward to doing it again sometime. It was great meeting you all! Chip Due to more strict enforcement of their rules, Flickr has asked me and many others to take down info such as links to personal websites and workshop information...

    May 31, 2011
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Waves of spring
By © VB31Photo
Storm A Brewing Over The Palouse
By © kevin mcneal
Green Green 2
By © theothermonalisa slowed down with the new
Here comes Spring...
By © kalpurush :)
green hills
By © avocado6984
By © mbald60
Lone Tree, Palouse Hills
By © Chip Phillips
Sign of Spring - Mr. Robin
By © visiblejoy
By © Tammy Schild
Sunny on the Hill
By © Ida H
Wispy Clouds above the Palouse
By © Dan Mihai