One Tasty Seed photo by alanj2007
By © anoni_moose
Female Mallard .........( # Explored 18 - 10 - 2013 #)
By © david.england18
Stuyvesant Village
By © London From The Rooftops
A Bronx View – Getting my Ducks in Order
By © Eddie C3
"Seed Bearer"
By ©
New York Aerial #04
By © Tim Sklyarov
liilii n /i li i. i. ii i. li-i . i lii i. i
By © Chee Seong
Osprey EJ fishing "caught it"
By © Margaret J Walker
Looking Back
By © Memories by Jules (not here much)
Heron at sunset (Please click on photo to see on black)
By © Digisnapper (George)
Northern Cardinal female looking good
By © Henry McLin
Female Bald Eagle
By © Protection Island