Julie Adams photo by horlo
Lightning strike on Varadero beach in Cuba
By © Glenn 07
Fire In The Sky
By © mark_mullen
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Broadstairs Skyfall
By © mplatt86
Summer Storm and Lightning
By © scottbraut
Violet electric lightning versus turquoise storm - 09072012
By © StormLoverSwin93 | Into the Storm
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the sky after the storm
By © Philis.Nat
When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high...
By © spideysenses77
There's a storm coming
By © Th.Papathanasiou
Collaroy storm
By © Monochrome Visions
A wise man fears the clear sky, on the other hand, when the storm comes he walks on the waves and challenges the wind
By © Rui Almeida Photography
Our Storm
By © kinoshaman