260/365 - Poker @.1200x800.HQ.Frame photo by Pawel Tomaszewicz

260/365 - Poker @.1200x800.HQ.Frame © Photo by Pawel Tomaszewicz

  • Taken in Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset, England, United Kingdom on September 30, 2010.
  • || Google + || 500px || Facebook || Twitter || RedBubble || Top 30 Hdr images on Flickr in September 2010 - As I have only 2 speedlights this picture is a composite of 2 shots. 1. Subject 2. Background Strobist Info: Subject: 580exII + softbox camera left high 580exII - bare camera right slightly behind the subject Background: 580exII - bare - behind me bouncing of the wall 580exII - bare - behind the door lightning the staircase Triggered: PocketWizardsPlusII

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© dinol1970
Poker Face
© flatworldsedge
Lightning Strikes Twice (All In Camera Light Painting), Bohinj Jezero
© MarvinThaMartian
Ace of Clubs
© MarvinThaMartian
Ace of Diamonds
© Triscele Photography
Castle Hill Light at Dusk
© DM Weber
Light upon the hill
© lhg_11, 1.5 million views. Thank you!
Alabama Hills Landscape in Late Afternoon Light
© beyondhue
Lights on the Hill
© Powerhouse Museum Collection
Three men playing cards in an alcove
© Tim Stone
Heat Lightning and Light Pollution
© ghada el tally
playing cards cake
© Etep
Lightning over Calgary