f 1,2 series (holy halo-clover) photo by dapalmerpeter (slow & low)
  • © Photo by dapalmerpeter (slow & low)
  • f 1,2 series (holy halo-clover)

    the minolta rokkor 58 wide open at 1,2 fp-explored: many many thanks to EveryOne of You. Your kind comments, Your faves. And of course: hello from the Dolomites in Italy to EveryOne. Peter.

    September 30, 2010
  • minolta rokkor 1 2 clover woods bokeh
Wide open
By © blubbla
Hollandia Beer Wide Open
By © Daniel E Lee
Hi biker! (2)...............
By © van*yuen
By © Mal Urwin - thank you for over 4M views
The Happiest Pomeranian
By © SHUN [iamtekn]
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By © djwakeman
By © djwakeman
Narcissistic Orion
By © Fort Photo
Cranial Nerve
By © Eyeʂ
By © Mal Urwin - thank you for over 4M views
Reaching out for the light
By © Mamoru Yasuda
i am grateful......
By © just deb.....
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