Untitled photo by alexstoddard

Untitled © Photo by alexstoddard

  • Taken on September 30, 2010.
  • 130/365. Part II. Lauren would not get in the deep water, and it was pissing me off. Haha.

  • white, water, trees, river, headshot, girl, forest, dress, creek, bokeh
© ArchieImages
Fallen Tree
© bayek photography
"No one I think is in my tree I mean it must be high or low."
© karin2xk
The River
© Rebecca Mahoney
© karin2xk
The reward of getting up at 5am
© Jen MacNeill
Mill Creek Morning
© Phani Naraparaju
Romantic Yough River
© Derren Versoza
© Black Sickle
© Cameron Bushong
Love On The Rocks
© BirgittaSjostedt.
To Winter
© rosiekernohan
Washed up