Riksheimdalen, Sykkylven photo by Martin Ystenes -

Riksheimdalen, Sykkylven © Photo by Martin Ystenes -

  • Taken in Straumgjerde, Sykkylven Kommune, More og Romsdal, Norway on August 31, 2010.
  • What a day in Sykkylven's longest and most beautiful mountain valley. Sykkylven, Sunnmøre, West coast Norway On tumblr

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Norwegian mountains and valleys ( Explored)
© Martin Ystenes -
Riksheimdalen sett fra Synnavindsnipa
© Martin Ystenes -
Sunset in Sykkylven, Norway
© JRJ.
The first snow in our mountain valley
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A Valley in the Mountains
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Blue Moon Valley, China
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Misty Mountain
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Colours of Nature!! A beautiful valley in Carcassonne, South of France
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Storevatnet i Brunstaddalen, Sykkylven
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Pulpit Rock
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This is Alberta No.24 - Spray Valley
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Shenandoah Countryside