Joy under Skogarfoss photo by Martin Ystenes -

Joy under Skogarfoss © Photo by Martin Ystenes -

  • Taken in Rangarvallasysla, Iceland on July 31, 2010.
  • Two little pinkies running back after after playing with the cold mist of the waterfall. Two almost hyperactive lively girly girls that have all the fun in the world and look beautiful. Do I have to tell you that they put a smile on my soul? Skogar, Iceland (The Icelandic expression "bleikt pils" means "pink skirt", but to a Norwegian ear this will sound very much like a Norwegian translation of "pale beer", with a slightly different meaning...

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Kirkjufellsfoss, Kirkjufell waterfall, Iceland
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Waterfalls Háifoss and Granni, Iceland
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Waterfall Granni, Iceland
© Mike Head - Jetwashphotos
Horse Play_1190
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Child's play
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The Island
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Gluggafoss, Iceland
© bjarkihalldors
Faxi waterfall
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Öxarárfoss, Thingvellir, Iceland
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Gjáin in Thjórsárdal, Iceland
© Jonathan Aubry
A long road to somewhere
© Tilly Floss
5th January "Snow day!"