Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1 photo by Tomasito.!

Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1 © Photo by Tomasito.!

  • Taken in Cook, Illinois, United States on October 31, 2009.
  • A 25-RAW/NEF Vertorama – HDR. One of the hardest things to correct about this photo was the distortion, and I probably spent 1 whole day just correcting it. And oh! Goodbye 800-mb from my hard drive! LOL ☺ Hope you like it! A funny thing happened to me. A few days ago, I posted a photo of “THE BEAN”...

  • willis, vertorama, urban, tower, sky, sears, power, nikon, hdr, flags, d90, clouds, city, buildings, 18-105mm
© hidesax
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