FINALLY! The Scenic Southwest Calendar... photo by MikeJonesPhoto

FINALLY! The Scenic Southwest Calendar... © Photo by MikeJonesPhoto

  • Taken on May 31, 2010.
  • I first posted this about six months ago, and said at the time, that I would post it again in the fall, when it is closer to Christmas. So, here it is. The company that I shoot for prints nearly 60 different calendars each year. Every one of them is of one specific state, or park. I've had an ongoing argument with my boss for the first two years I have shot for this company...

  •, scenic southwest, scenic, professional, photographer, perfect for paper training puppies, nature, makes a great drop cloth for painting, landscape, excellent for target practice, Will NOT make good toilet paper, Smith-Southwestern, Mike Jones photo, 2011 calendar

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