Urban Sky And The Symphony Disguise photo by [ Kane ]
  • © Photo by [ Kane ]
  • Urban Sky And The Symphony Disguise

    [ Follow me using your iPhone ] - [ Twitter ] - [ My Website ] Check out our new South East Queensland Meetup group here David and I are planning a star trails workshop, see here About Matt and I have visited this place a few times. I've been itching for good star trail weather, and tonight felt right, so I headed out for some test shots...

    January 31, 2010
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Tree Stars Star Trail Stack Spin Sigma 10-20 QLD Night Moon Kane Gledhill Dusk Celestial Point Brisbane Australia 50D
20140317_F0001: Zooming to singularity
By © wfxue
D300 Stacked star trail test
By © c@rljones
Tree Tops
By © Brian Tomlinson
20140314_F0001: Warp cone star trails test
By © wfxue
Star Motion
By © Sky Noir
Leonids Through the Trees
By © HubbleColor {Zolt}
Full Moon at Half Dome
By © Casete
Windy Point Vortex
By © Saguaro Pictures
baker trees startrail 2
By © Light of the Moon Photography
on a scientific expedition..
By © PNike (Prashanth Naik..back after ages)
20140318_F0001: The hunter is on the move, warp speed!
By © wfxue
By © Vipul Hitesh