Thomas Shahan (and a Salticid) on NBC's The Today Show! photo by Thomas Shahan

Thomas Shahan (and a Salticid) on NBC's The Today Show! © Photo by Thomas Shahan

  • Taken in Midtown Manhattan, New York, Manhattan, United States on November 30, 2009.
  • I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to announce this to everyone before the show aired, but I didn't feel comfortable telling anyone about it until it all happened. Here's the short story: NBC noticed my photography via a slideshow posted on, I got in contact with them, they thought I would be good for a short interview on the show, they flew me up to NYC, set me up in a hotel, had me live on national television the next morning, and then sent me right back home! I think it all went quite well considering I've never been asked to do anything even remotely like this before - I said what I wanted to say and NBC showed all the photos I chose for the segment (though they did oddly stretch out the sides of a few photos)...

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