Generation trash photo by Linnea Strid
  • © Photo by Linnea Strid
  • Generation trash

    Oil on plywood, 55 x 61 cm.

    November 30, 2007
  • trash sleeping plastic painting oil man generation dreads boy bottles beer bags Strid Linnea
Four well-dressed men holding beer bottles
By © Powerhouse Museum Collection
Fallen from the Nest
By © Marwane Pallas
320/365 - All Dreams Die; We Sleep Nightly
By © Billeh Ratsphangthong
Plastic Bag Gammon Mice
By © Alicia Policia aka The Small Cat Club
Three Bears' Sleeping Bag
By © flossieteacakes
A sleeping bag for Bear
By © flossieteacakes
A woman, wearing a plastic bag
By ©
A sleeping bag for Bear
By © flossieteacakes
Sleeping bags for bears
By © flossieteacakes
By © davies.thom
fused plastic necklace no. 2. III
By © Cynthia Del Giudice
Old Bottles 2
By © theothermonalisa slowed down with the new