«Hey, wait dad!» photo by Tambako the Jaguar
male lion with cub
By © Cloudtail
Baby lion cub at Chester Zoo (RIP)
By © Adam Foster Photography
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Male Lion
By © pisco
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got you
By © Cloudtail
Precious Pair: Lion Siblings Thrive at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
By © San Diego Zoo Global
Lion Cub
By © Wayne Horsley
«The more I look at you, the more I'm hungry!»
By © Tambako the Jaguar
The wind in his Mane
By © littlestschnauzer
Already Thinking About Monday Morning ?
By © AnyMotion
#13. Being surrounded by a pride of 20 lions [Explored #183 19-11-12]
By © ..illi..
Baby Predator
By © Aubrey Stoll