Ravenholm/Black Mesa Corridor photo by Shadow Viking
  • © Photo by Shadow Viking
  • Ravenholm/Black Mesa Corridor

    (here's the Freeman fig, BTW)

    June 30, 2009
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1st person shooter test
By © Brick-Ops
Hazmat Zombie
By © ChocoBricks Customs
Lego Call Of Duty Black Ops Frank Woods
By © mcgregor.harry
Lure and Destroy: Desert Zombie Headshot-Fest
By © -Mainman-
76 - Beast (First Class)
By © tin7_creations
Zombie Escape!
By © iElkie
Zombie Test Film
By © Tsabo Tsaboc
Tank Dempsey: Ascension
By © ~Amadgunslinger~
The Walking Dead
By © Med PhotoBlog
Half-Life 2: Plaza Exit/Alley
By © Hessianizer
Ash: Army of Dark Ages
By © JasBrick
Halloween's Private Party
By © Pedro Vezini