Echo me photo by soleĆ”

Echo me © Photo by soleĆ”

  • Taken on May 31, 2009.
  • Standing on the edge of a quay no lights flashing on the water for me Fog in my mind darkens my eyes silently streaming for a distant sound Ripple river yellows rising for a breath of breeding and drowns Stillness overcomes me in the night listen to the rising water moan I'm waiting, waiting for the night boat ,I'm waiting Waiting for the night boat Shadows all through me shudder away echo me echo me (echo me) Am I alone or is the river alive cause it echos me, echos me, echos me Duran Duran

  • woman, water, sky birds, sky, sensual, river, ripple, photography, pastels, isle, island, isla, girl, dress, dream

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