Portrait of Mischief! photo by Mary Faith.
  • © Photo by Mary Faith.
  • Portrait of Mischief!

    Our lutino cockatiel - "Casey". A real hard case! In the middle of her first moult. Smiling :)

    March 31, 2009
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Portrait of a Black Crowned Crane
By © Andy von der Wurm
turkey feathers
By © antonsrkn
Nature returns!
By © Cyrus khamak
By © CJTurpie
Two Chickadees For the Price of One
By ©
Red Lorikeet
By © Ron Grafe
Crossing Over I
By © Cyrus khamak
Keep your eye on the prize
By © stochasticmotions
American Goldfinch
By © Ron Grafe
Green Bug
By © chefranden
By © Paul (Barniegoog)
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