Stormy Clouds, New Horizons photo by Mark Witton

Stormy Clouds, New Horizons © Photo by Mark Witton

  • Taken on February 28, 2009.
  • It’s hard to escape the increasing realisation that my friends and I are twenty-somethings. When you’re, say, 22-23, you can dump yourself in the ‘early-twenties’ category and be content that youth and vigour are still happily with you, albeit without the angsty energy of adolescence. Then you hit the 24-26 category, where you’re around the cusp of your third decade on the planet and it slowly dawns on you that time is getting on...

  • reptile, pterosaurs, multituberculate, dryolestid, Troodontid, Sauropod, Istiodactylus, Hypsilophodon, Hesperornithiform, Goniopholis, Dollodon, Caulicephalus, Bernissartia, Baryonyx, Albanerpotontid

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