PGH 074 Grid Distortion photo by watz
  • © Photo by watz
  • PGH 074 Grid Distortion

    5 x 2 grid of laser cut 1/2" plywood panels. Total size 95 x 58 inches (individual panels are 19 x 29 inches). Produced at CMU's digital fabrication lab (dFab).

    February 28, 2009
  • plywood laser cutting exhibition art Pittsburgh PCA Marius Watz Grid Distortion Code AND Form
The Samurai Art Of Cutting Pizza
By © Pedro Vezini
Detail from Pattern from Papercut of Qarawiyyin Mosque, Morocco
By © Ruth Mergi
Base Foundation
By © ms. neaux neaux
Bite It
By © ms. neaux neaux
papercut flower, detail
By © Ruth Mergi
Papercut chamsa
By © Ruth Mergi
Mother, father and child on their way to a picnic.
By © janepaludanus
Lurvely Member
Andrea Kang's Prints
By © Andrea Kang
Paper Tree
By © design.mein
Lens salad. No lenses were hurt during the making of this photo.
By © Eugene Lagana
Original Design White Topaz Princess Cut wire wrapped pendant
By © Hiroroko Jewels + mychic
By © maralina!