preparation and painting stones photo by stone illustrations

preparation and painting stones © Photo by stone illustrations

  • Taken on January 31, 2009.
  • I have been asked to explain how i paint my stones , so here we are from start to finish.1. choose stones to paint 2. wash stones in soapy water 3. dry them off 4. put them into warm oven for about 10 mins to dry them thoroughly 5. while still warm paint with masonry paint, this seals the stone and also because the stone is warm drys very quickly 6...

  • mosaic
© Jos van Wunnik
six triangular stones
© J C Mills Photography
Grey Ladies 2
© J C Mills Photography
Grey Ladies
© Dan P. Carr
Potato Cairn
© bowtoo
© Co®tex™
© DSDesigns (Debra Sutton)
mosaic painting 2013
© gredelart
stones 6
© Diane Kitchener
Pansy stepping stone
© Dietmar Temps
Ethiopian tribes, Arbore boy
© Glass Garden Creations / Sharon Kelly
Stepping stones in progress
© Ian Beat
BMW R80/7 RT Fairing and panel refurb.