Your Time Is Gonna Come photo by Mark Witton

Your Time Is Gonna Come © Photo by Mark Witton

  • Taken on January 31, 2009.
  • To my constant shame, I don’t rate that highly on the Manometer. No, my Man Points are generally pretty low: I don’t get excited by fast cars or gadgets. I prefer chocolate to salty snacks. If I want to watch a film with cowboy hats, I’ll take Brokeback Mountain over True Grit. I reckon most clothes available in Burton or H&M are generally lacking in delicate fabrics and frilly bits, and, at times, my idea of a perfect evening is sitting down with a book listening to Thomas Newman soundtracks...

  • reptile, pterosaurs, pterosaur, prehistory, paleontology, palaeontology, mesozoic, flyingreptile, extinct, cretaceous, animals, animal, Pterodaustro

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