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  • autumn dreams

    A cold, wet and dreary day in Vienna the ideal situation for a walk through the viennese central cemetry. Sold! It will be on the cover of Kathy Reichs book "206 Bones" in the dutch edition (206 Botten). I had to reduce image size to prevent image theft (sorry, if you encounter a broken link now) Update 2013/10/09: 20000 Views now...

    September 30, 2008
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Woman Stone Stein Laub Graveyard Friedhof Frau Figure Figur EOS Dry Canon Blätter 500x500::Contest71 500x500
Day 1 : i dream, with open eyes
By © Stuti ~
Icicles at Slippery Stones
By © Keartona
the last day of autumn
By © Yarm McD
For a brighter day
By © Ekler
Drive the cold winter away ...
By © Of Shadows and Light
Dry Stone Wall at Blea Tarn
By © Alan E Taylor
Dream {Explored.... Thanks Flickr! :) }
By © Rose Badlani
40/365 - Dogs Dare to Dream Too (#78 Dare to Dream)
By © Keeperofthezoo
Headstone Viaduct
By © Alan E Taylor
Golden hour
By © jpatt1954
Barn by the Marsh
By © Alan E Taylor
By © Andy Magee