Goodbye, Cruel World!! photo by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
  • © Photo by AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora
  • Goodbye, Cruel World!!

    [emo mode on] I'm ooouuutta heeeeere! No one loooves meeeee! mimimimi :( [/emo mode off] *ahem* This is a catterpillar that actually haunts my house. There is a palm tree chez moi, and that's what they eat, palm tree leaves. At night. When there aren't birds around. The tree gets so loaded and their chewing noises is so loud that people that visit my house at night in the catterpillar season oftenly gets really scared: "Anna, what the hell is that noise??" Sometimes, I do make things worse, frightening the person even more...

    April 30, 2008
  • Londrina, Parana, Brazil
  • yellow thanks, my friend ;-) suicidal red funny caterpillar but it's soooo cold here today! gosh! but I'll probably go to both hehehe :D brassolis sophorae blue Vision 100 HDR FrHwoFavs First Quality ArtLibre
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