Co-ed naked cooking photo by mikewarren

Co-ed naked cooking © Photo by mikewarren

  • Taken in British Columbia, Canada on September 30, 2006.
  • Esther snapped this while I was lighting the stove. It was pretty nice at the meadows and with nobody about post-creek-bath...

  • tupper west ridge, hermit meadows, hermit, climbing, alpine
© mbell1975
The Night Lights of the British Columbia Parliament Building - Victoria BC Canada
© Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper
Spill Light - Vancouver Island
© All Too Real
A restaurant cook
© P.A.B.
Northern Lights Near D'Arcy, B.C.
© vancityhotshots
"Vancouver Night Lights"
© John A. McCrae
That light doth shine on the Lighthouse
© Northern Straits Photo
Heaven Whispers Victoria British Columbia
© Christine Dolan
The British Museum
cooking light
© ehodgesphoto
The Cook
© Alessandro Masera
The British Museum - London
© Dan Bathie
British GT Donington Park