Charis photo by Rebecca Knowles Photographer

Charis © Photo by Rebecca Knowles Photographer

  • Taken on November 30, 2007.
  • D70- 18-70 Studio. Portaflash 4 lights. I took this image on a plain white background in my old studio Pembrey Wales and added in the woods and textures after. A great pose by Charis who is an artist herself. This was done just for fun. I used multiple textures and this image has proved very popular which I am glad of as it too me ages to extract that dress...

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© Yuge Zhou
Little girl again 回到童年
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The dream within a dream 梦中的梦
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A Light like No Other Pt. II
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Palm Tree
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we're all alone #1
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#banning #statepark #fall #nature #waterfall
© Saibal K. Ghosh
Frozen Vermillion Falls, Hastings MN, USA - explore-2013-12-26
© Saibal K. Ghosh
#Minneapolis #City #stone #arch #bridge explore-2014-04-12